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Premium WordPress Web Development FAQ:

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Attract, Engage, and Convert with a Premium Web Solution

What is $10,000 and up pricing? 

Each client has unique needs and desires for their website, and it's our job to fulfill those. We have a blog post on web development that dives into the extensive features we offer in our $10,000 package. Our goal is to ensure your website meets your expectations and achieves your desired outcomes. There are virtually no limits within legal boundaries when it comes to tailoring your website to your specific requirements.

Here's some examples of web development projects that trigger "... and up" pricing:
  • Extensive custom graphics (if not supplied by client)
  • Featured images or videos (if not supplied by client)
  • Copywriting services (if we write your pages for you)
  • Autoresponder list setup (if you don't have one)
  • MLS integration for real estate agents
  • Appointment booking features
  • E-Commerce product creation
  • More than 20 pages total
  • The list goes on because with WordPress websites you're only limited by your imagination. It's important to know that for most professional services businesses, our $10K package will pack plenty of punch in terms of what it does for you.

    What's included in the $10,000 Premium WordPress Package?

    Our $10K package starter price includes everything you see on this website (and more), including:

    • Professional branding with your logo and colors
    • Custom navigation and SEO optimization
    • Thoughtful information architecture
    • Up to 20 pages and 3 blog posts*
    • Custom menus

    We encourage you to supply us with videos, images and graphics that best represent your brand. If needed, we can provide clean and simple graphics. Additionally, all your pages will look visually appealing when shared on social media. You'll benefit from highly readable typography, with main and accent colors matching your logo.

    * Pages and posts are published with placeholder images and "Lorem Ipsum" content until client supplies the web copy and brand-specific content. Not a good writer? No problem! We offer extensive expert copywriting services for additional premium fees. A sales page like this with with about 1,600 words, optimized buttons, and a custom order form is $3,500. On the other hand, formatting a page like this with all the features when the client supplies the writing is no extra charge.

    Tell me more about the features included in $10K Premium WordPress

    Our comprehensive Premium WordPress web development package encompasses a wide range of features, such as:

    • Landing pages
    • Lead capture forms
    • Powerful back end functionalities
    • Social media integration
    • Email integration*
    • Cohesive branding 
    • Custom blog design
    • Custom blog menu
    • Professional blog settings
    • Custom header and footer design
    • Custom web forms
    • and even more 

    * With our included email integration service we can connect your powerful website with your professional email autoresponder service such as AWeber, Active Campaign, and others. We use AWeber for their advanced tagging features that allow us to do sophisticated email campaigns and create special offers targeted to specific audiences. 

    Got Leads?

    Your blog and social media platforms play an essential role in attracting leads to your website, where you can engage them, build trust, and convert them into clients and customers. With custom web forms and advanced tagging features if you use Aweber like we do, you can attract, nurture and engage leads with more precision than ever before.

    What if I still want additional features?

    • If you desire additional features beyond our already highly optimized Premium WordPress package, we offer customized solutions.
    • We believe in custom tailoring your website to meet your unique needs.
    • You may add new features to your Premium WordPress Website at any time (additional costs apply). 

    Simply provide us with a detailed list of requirements, and we will provide a rough estimate of the price range. We are also here to consult with you about features and possibilities if you have ideas but aren't sure what you need.

    With WordPress, there are no limits to what we can achieve; it's a matter of defining your desired features and their associated costs and time requirements. Adding additional features may impact the project timeline. 

    We don't provide detailed quotes in advance of client engagement, as every custom WordPress package is based on the features included in our Premium WordPress Web Development package.

    Once our services are engaged by the client, our initial meetings include among other things, handling the details of additional customizations, web hosting considerations, and calculating precise costs for all the extras.

    Whether you want to add additional features during the development process, or even long after the website is completed and delivered, we've got you covered. 

    We invite you to read our blog post on building a powerful website to gain insights into our web development strategy and explore some of our favorite features. You'll discover that what's under the hood truly matters. 

    Why WordPress? Aren't All Web Platforms Created Equal?

    While there are various web platforms available and some even have nice front end features, WordPress stands out as a powerful and versatile content management system. With WordPress, you have the flexibility to add new features and functionalities to your website even after the delivery of our comprehensive $10,000 package. This means that as your business grows and evolves, your website can easily adapt to your changing needs without disrupting the rest of your site.

    ThriveThemes Professional Suite of Tools for WordPress 

    One of the key advantages of WordPress is its thriving ecosystem of plugins and themes. In our web development process, we leverage the power of ThriveThemes, a leading suite of products designed specifically for WordPress websites. With ThriveThemes, we can create stunning designs, enhance user experience, and optimize your site for conversions. The ThriveThemes theme builder empowers us to craft highly customized websites that reflect your brand's unique identity and captivate your audience. Other ThriveThemes tools allow us to create online courses, visitor polls, and much more.

    Intuitive Blogging Features Set WordPress Apart

    WordPress also offers website owners the ability to manage their own content through intuitive blogging features. This flexibility makes WordPress the go-to choice for millions of websites worldwide. In fact, WordPress powers over 40% of all websites on the internet, a testament to its popularity and reliability.  

    Ensure Your Website is Built With the Most Powerful Configuration

    By choosing our premium web development package built on WordPress and powered by ThriveThemes, you're ensuring that your website is equipped with the latest technologies, robust features, and future scalability. You'll have the peace of mind knowing that your website can grow alongside your business, keeping you ahead in the digital landscape.

    What about Web Hosting? 

    If you prefer us to build on your dedicated or shared hosting servers, we're more than happy to accommodate your request. Alternatively, we offer hosting services and ongoing maintenance for a nominal monthly fee of $35 and up depending on the type of hosting and maintenance package you choose. It's crucial to keep WordPress sites continually updated to ensure they incorporate the latest security features, and this can be time consuming for website owners which is why we offer web hosting and maintenance as an option on all of our website packages. We consider these to be important details we will handle early during our client onboarding process which takes place after your main purchase.

    How Long Will It Take To Complete My Premium WordPress Website?

    • We strive to complete all web development projects within approximately 1-2 months.
    • However, each case is unique and the actual time required for completion is dependent on various factors, including the client's timely provision of requested materials and their availability to provide feedback or answer questions as they arise during our website development process.
    • The project timeline and completion date are contingent upon the client's timely delivery of essential materials such as content, images, and branding assets.
    • Delays caused by the client's failure to provide these materials may result in a corresponding extension of the project timeline, or in the case of a client's ongoing failure to provide materials we reserve the right to deliver the completed website with placeholder content.
    • We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we will work closely with our clients to accommodate reasonable adjustments when necessary.

    In order to ensure a smooth and efficient process, we have a client onboarding procedure that takes place after the purchase. 

    • During this onboarding, we will provide detailed instructions on how to provide the necessary materials and guide you through each step of the project.
    • Our aim is to create a collaborative partnership, where open and timely communication allows us to deliver exceptional results within the agreed timeframe.
    • By working together and promptly providing the required materials and feedback, we can ensure that your project progresses smoothly and stays on schedule.
    • Ultimately, if the client fails to deliver materials after 2 months they could be left with a fully developed and customized website but with placeholder content such as "Lorem Ipsum" text and blank graphics. 

    Please keep in mind that every project is unique, and the timeline may vary depending on its complexity and specific requirements. Rest assured, we are committed to delivering a high-quality premium WordPress website within a reasonable period of time that meets or exceeds your professional expectations and reflects your brand's vision.

    What about web traffic and increasing website visitors? 

    Once you have a well-constructed website with essential pages and robust SEO and functionality, it's essential to implement a content strategy to attract visitors and highly qualified leads. For this purpose, we invite you to explore our strategic marketing consulting package, the Momentum Accelerator.

    Ready to get started with a Premium Web Solution?

    When you're ready to get started or if you still have questions, simply use our dedicated WordPress Package Order Form below. Check the box to let us know which WordPress package you would like, and we will reach back out to you to complete your order or learn more so we can create a custom tailored package specific to your unique needs.

    WordPress Package Order Form

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    Email Address*
    BUSINESS NAME (optional)
    Which wordpress package?*
    what extra features do you need (if you chose the custom package)
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    By submitting this order form and making payment, you acknowledge and agree to the following:
    1. The services provided are limited to the preparation and delivery of the specified web development package as outlined in the product description.
    2. The engagement starts upon receipt of payment and establishes a client-developer relationship solely for the purpose of website development. It does not create any legal obligations beyond the scope of this engagement.
    3. Our services are provided on a prepaid, closed-end basis. Any additional website development or customization will require an additional fee-based arrangement.
    4. We strive to ensure client satisfaction with our services; however, due to the nature of website development, refunds are not available once the project has commenced. The final website is based on the information, writing and materials provided by you, ensuring a tailored and personalized result.
    5. You release and discharge Green Media Consulting, its developers, and staff from any liability arising from the services provided within the scope of this engagement.
    Please read and agree to the above terms by checking the box below before submitting your order.

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