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Affordable Flat Fee Legal Services are Here!

Welcome to Green Media Consulting! 

We are dedicated to providing specialized legal services tailored to your unique needs. By exploring this page, you'll discover our 4 flagship flat fee legal services designed to protect your interests and offer cost-effective legal solutions. 

We Currently Offer 4 Specialized Legal Services for Flat Fees:

securesign one page liability waivers sign in sheet flat attorney fee

1. SecureSign: One-Page Liability Waivers

SecureSign "Sign-in Sheets" are liability waivers to protect you if you are an individual service provider such as a Massage Therapist, Private Yoga Teacher, Fitness Coach, Psychic Reader, or any type of individual service provider. These professional liability waivers may be easy to read and aren't very long, yet they are in fact meticulously crafted legal documents custom-tailored to protect you and your business. Our licensed attorneys ensure every crucial detail is covered. Protect yourself and your individual service provider business with a sign-in sheet written for you by a lawyer.

comprehensive liability waivers for gyms studios themed location events proshield flat fee attorney rates

2. ProShield: Detailed Liability Waivers

Protect your commercial business with ironclad liability waivers! Don't leave your facility or event vulnerable to legal risks. Our ProShield service delivers comprehensive and meticulously crafted liability waivers. With our experienced attorneys, we leave no stone unturned, ensuring your business, staff and service providers are fully protected. Shield your yoga and pilates studios, gyms, physical therapy facilities, amusement parks, recording facilities, themed or destination events and more with confidence.

cease and desist letters sent by a lawyer flat attorney fees

3. Cease & Desist: Assert Your Rights NOW!

Powerful legal letters for resolution. Create a strong paper trail to fortify your case should litigation become necessary. Take action and protect your rights with our professional cease and desist letters. Our licensed attorney will craft a strong and effective letter tailored to your specific situation. Tap the button below to learn more and order your cease and desist letter today!

legal demand letters require a resolution flat attorney fees

4. Legal Demand Letters: Require Resolution

Strategic and compelling legal writing. In certain complex cases, where a cease and desist letter did not work or may not be applicable, a more comprehensive and assertive legal demand letter becomes necessary. These letters are often the final step before taking legal action, emphasizing the seriousness of the matter. Are you seeking a powerful and persuasive letter to demand action or resolution? Our demand letter service provides meticulous and thoughtfully crafted legal writing that commands attention and addresses your specific needs. Demand letters are also critical elements of your paper trail if you do need to file a lawsuit. Let our experienced attorney passionately advocate on your behalf. Take the next step by tapping the button below to discover more and order your authoritative legal demand letter today!


Need Ongoing/Traditional Legal Representation

If your specific legal needs extend beyond our flat fee services, our experienced attorneys are available to discuss alternative options. Read more about our law practice areas, or simply contact us to discuss your legal needs.

Ready to Take Your First Important Step?

Choose one of our 4 flat fee services above to learn more and place your order. Or if you need specialized legal representation beyond our flat fee services, contact our team to discuss your specific legal requirements.

We are committed to providing exceptional legal services tailored to your needs. Visit our contact page for fastest response, or use the form below and we'll get the process started of scheduling your free consultation call.

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