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Evan J Kopelson

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Welcome! I'm Evan J Kopelson, a dedicated attorney at Green Media Consulting, and our CEO. I am passionate about providing effective legal solutions to individuals facing challenging circumstances. My focus is on helping clients resolve their issues through the power of persuasive legal letters and effective communications done by a lawyer in California.


A Letter Can Make a Difference

I understand the frustration and helplessness that can arise when your rights are violated, and the cost of traditional litigation seems insurmountable. That's why I offer my legal writing services at an affordable flat fee, specializing in crafting well-worded legal letters that can achieve positive outcomes.

Resolving Issues Through Effective Communication

I firmly believe that a thoughtfully composed letter, written and sent by a licensed attorney, can be a powerful tool in addressing a wide range of legal challenges. From cease and desist letters to demand letters and more, my aim is to help you find resolution without the need for expensive and time-consuming court battles.

Your Advocate for Justice

As your advocate, I am committed to listening to your concerns and understanding your unique situation. I will develop a personalized strategy that reflects your needs and goals. With meticulous attention to detail, I will ensure that your position is effectively communicated and your voice is heard.

Achieving Positive Change Together

I believe in the power of resolution and the ability to bring about positive change through effective communication. While litigation may be necessary in some cases, my primary focus is on helping you achieve the outcomes you desire without the need for costly court proceedings. Should we find that litigation is necessary, we have experienced litigators ready to fight and win. 



Take the First Step

If you're ready to address your legal concerns and explore the potential of effective letter writing, I invite you to contact me today. Let's have a conversation about your specific situation and discover how I can help you achieve the resolution you deserve. Tap here to visit our contact page and you can tell me about your situation. Or simply use the form below and we will reach out to you to schedule a free call.

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