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Get Backup and Restore Service For Your WordPress Site

Never again worry about hackers, or losing your content or blog configuration in a crash

  • Life Saving Restore

    If your WordPress site goes down, we can restore it. No worries. With this service, your site gets backed up regularly.

  • Daily or Weekly Backups

    We can backup your site daily or weekly depending on your needs and how often you post fresh content.

  • Time Capsule Magic

    Decide you liked a prior version of your site better? Get it back just the way you want it with up to 30 saved backups to restore from.

  • Protection from Hackers

    Site hacking is everyone’s worst nightmare, but you won’t have to worry because we keep up to 30 backups for your security.

  • Moving Web Hosts?

    Moving a WordPress Site to another host is notoriously complicated. Often links are broken and images lost. We don’t let that happen.

  • Offsite Backup

    We store your backups securely on Amazon S3 servers. We can also save to Dropbox, and email you copies of the backup files.

  • Won't Clog Your Hosting

    We don’t store your backups on your own hosting servers like other services do. Why clog up your servers? We won’t.

  • Executive Option

    WordPress updates automatically now but themes and plugins don’t. If you don’t have the time, we can do your maintenance.

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$19per month
  • Weekly Backups
  • Saved securely to Amazon S3
  • Save to Dropbox (Optional)
  • Won't clog your servers or slow down your page loads
  • Restore from any of 12 stored backups
  • Email Support
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Perfect for individual bloggers just getting started

$79per month
  • Everything included in Basic and Plus, and...
  • Backup up to 3 WordPress Sites*
  • *For more than 3 sites, add $10 per site per month
  • Email Support
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Perfect for marketers who make money online

$149per month
  • Everything included in Basic, Plus, Pro, and...
  • Backup up to 10 WordPress Sites
  • Stay Compatible with all WordPress Updates
  • Plugin and Theme Maintenance and Updates
  • Email and Phone Support
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Perfect for executives who don't have the time

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this service? My hosting plan comes with regular backups.

Except for some concierge hosting plans (very expensive), you shouldn't expect your hosting company's backup plans to be suitable for restoring a crashed or hacked WordPress site to its exact condition as it was in before the site went down. They will back up your data. Not your configuration. You will have to rebuild the site with the raw data. Sound like fun? It's not.

I still don't understand. Can you explain more please?

Sure! It's kind of like if you were building your house with raw materials. You'll get your rocks, stones, bricks, wood, other materials, and you'll hire an architect and a designer, and you'll make your house look fantastic! Then, there's a tornado and your house gets destroyed. Luckily, all the pieces of your house didn't blow far away, everything's still there, it's just piled up all together, and a lot of stuff is broken. How long will it take you to sort everything out and rebuild your house? Yep. A long time. And it will never look exactly the same as before.

So they will save all my information from my site, but it won't be put together, so my site won't look the same as before?

You are exactly right. Now you're getting the hang of it! We call that the "configuration" of your WordPress site. Most hosting plan backups do not save the configuration, and that includes images, links, buttons, and themes and plugin settings. You lose it all unless it's backed up the right way, by a WordPress professional who knows how to save and restore configurations.

I have a plugin that I installed to back up my site.  Isn't that good enough?

Only you can decide that by testing the plugin and seeing if it works the way it should. If it does, great! But you'll still have to do the backups manually on a regular basis, and that takes time.

Ask yourself if you are reliable enough to do that regularly and if you have the time. Then ask yourself if you have the skills to restore your site when needed.

The best thing about our services is they are done-for-you services so you don't have to take your time to do the work or keep up with the latest changes in WordPress.

Why would I need daily vs weekly backups?

It totally depends how often you post content or make changes to your site. Simple as that.

Executive WordPress Maintenance vs Backup and Restore Services

Our lower three tiers of service are backup and restore services for professional WordPress blogs. We backup your site regularly, and if anything goes wrong, we can restore it to the exact look, feel and functionality it had before the crash. All your images, all your buttons, all your links, all your plugins, will be intact, just as they were before.

I've heard that sometimes a WordPress update can crash a site. Is that true?

Absolutely. It happens all the time. That's why we offer the Executive Tier of complete WordPress maintenance services. Our Executive Tier includes backup and restore, plus full maintenance.

Many of the plugins and themes used in WordPress sites are not made by the company who makes WordPress. The themes and plugins need to be updated continuously to keep up with the latest updates in WordPress, which are usually for security purposes and they happen often, sometimes multiple times in a single month. And if an old version of a plugin or theme conflicts with the new version of WordPress, poof! There goes your site. An expert can get it back for you IF you have the data backed up and the configuration files saved securely. And that's what we're here for.

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